Scandinavian Whisky Society

1. Purpose
Scandinavian Whisky Society (SWS) is a non-profitable organization.
The main task of SWS is to select and acquire whisky casks at best price, bottle the whisky and share the bottles between the members.

2. Activities
The activities are carried on mainly within Scandinavia in several regions: Central Sweden (Svealand), Western Sweden, Southern Sweden, Eastern Denmark and Western Denmark. The whisky is distributed in Sweden and Denmark.
The SWS council organizes and operates the local activities. The council consists of a representative and a substitute from each region. Council members are appointed by the SWS presidium.

3. Membership
The society allows members resident in any part of the world. The number of members in SWS are limited. A membership application is approved by the SWS presidium in consensus with the region’s council member. Membership is only accepted to full extent when complete capital deposit is made by applicant.

4. Deposit & whisky allocation
Member’s deposit is bartered to the full value in whisky and is regarded as a member’s loan to the society and will be used as working capital by the society when trading with whisky. The SWS capital is administered in Scotland by the society’s trustee J.C.A. McDougall.
When whisky is bottled member decides to take on bottles if and when this is proposed by the society.
When complete deposit is spent, meaning all money is exchanged into whisky, member pays cash for each additional bottle.

5. Withdrawal
Member can at any time withdraw from the society, such request is granted at once. Member’s still due capital is forfeit when withdrawal occurs, the deposit is regarded as a member’s loan to SWS and can only be regained in whisky.